Celebrate a Life with Colour

All the wood and paper we buy comes from responsibly sourced woodlands.

Here is some guidance on selecting the size of a casket for cremated remains.

Fleur - some of our designs are available in more than one size.

We are proud to say that these beautiful ash caskets are Made in Britain - in Suffolk to be accurate!

We have been greatly helped by advice from Rosie at The Natural Death Centre. Please see their website

Mallow - this and all our other designs are perfect for burial of ashes in woodland and other natural places as the materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Variety of fabrics and sizes

Fully lined interiors

Colourful caskets

Materials for display at Ickworth Woodfair

Each trim is colour co-ordinated with the fabrics

Shelley design

Here is a guide on how to open and close our caskets and coffins. It is simple and secure with no metal or plastic fixings.