For a moment to remember: the creation of something attractive, colourful and handmade. Tiny coffins & Ash Caskets. 

Pegg’s Yard was the name of the land behind my childhood home in Suffolk. My family have lived and worked here for over 110 years.

Early last century a local funeral director kept his horse-drawn carriage in the stables. Even the local council's snow plough was stored here for some time. Several different trades went on there over many years, including brewing, plumbing and carpentry. Continuing the tradition of handmade items I have developed caskets for cremated remains and tiny coffins which are made out of environmentally friendly materials.

The caskets and tiny coffins have been in the making for several years, going through different forms of construction. Eventually I settled on this strong and elegant design which I offer as a chance to celebrate a life, however brief. The beautiful caskets and tiny coffins are made with sustainable wood and natural fabrics. Colours are varied and will be ever changing according to the fabrics available. I am continually on the look out in East Anglia for new designs in natural fabrics. The trims are textured natural cotton and hand dyed to co-ordinate with each fabric design.

We would like to thank the following people for advice and encouragement.